Hendriyadi; Volunteering, Traveling and Social Business

“… Verily! Allah will not change the good condition of a people as long as they do not change their state of goodness themselves (by committing sins and by being ungrateful and disobedient to Allah)…” -Ar-Ra’d: 11-



“Our contribution to help education in remote areas will accelerate national development. Through education of children we will create educated citizens”.Hendriyadi

“Born to be a volunteer” is Hendriyadi’s tagline. He believes in the power of young people. By empowering youth and harnessing their energy, Hendriyadi aims to raise the bar for primary education, and contribute to a brighter future for children across the world.

At AmericaBorn and growth  in coastal area in Bulukumba, Indonesia, Hendriyadi moved to Jakarta to study in the Trisakti University, where he quickly immersed himself in a number of student organization. These included the Indonesian Student Association for International Studies, the Islamic Economic Forum etc. In 2009, Hendriyadi moved to Nova Scotia as a part the Canada World Youth Exchange – a six-month program that facilities youth involvement in community-driven development projects that focus on health, environment, and gender equity. This program really changes his life. He learns and improves his leadership skill and concept of volunteerism. Amazing and colorful experience living with host family in Canada and Indonesia, involve in youth project, relationship with counterpart, group and community is a life time experience and sharpening his future life’s goal. Networking with Canada World Youth alumni around the world, accelerate his project to spread out volunteerism virus in Indonesia. Following exchange, Hendriyadi’s commitment to community development and youth engagement continued. In 2009, he was selected to represent Indonesia in the World Leadership Conference in Singapore, and in 2010, he travelled to the Philippines for the Asia Pacific Youth Climate Camp. In recognition of his outstanding work with initiative that promotes sustainable development internationally, Hendriyadi was selected a finalist for the 2012 Canada World Youth Leadership Award.

HFInspiring from the values and experiences in Canada World Youth Exchange, recently, Hendriyadi has shifted his focus toward development of primary education and empower women in Indonesia. Collaborate with the alumni Canada World Youth Indonesia with other International and National youth program, he initiate youth movement to spread out the Volunteerism Virus named Sahabat Pulau (Island Buddy). The organization aims to help people living in remote areas overcome the difficulties of accessing good educational opportunities or the tools necessary to support their education.  Since being founded on March 2012, the organization has focused on teaching, providing mini libraries, promoting local culture, and adding environmental education to existing coursework.  In addition, the organization also helps to provide scholarships to children with the potential to pursue higher education. Sahabat Pulau program relies on the efforts of Indonesian youth to overcome education problems in Indonesia. The “One Youth for One Children” concept aims to urge the younger generations to contribute to the educational development of children who come from underprivileged families. In this year, in collaborating with Econatural Foundation & Bina Insan Hayati Foundation, Sahabat Pulau launch new program called DESA-preneur (Deliver Education, Social and Artpreneur), program which focus on to educate and empower women and young women in rural through social entrepreneurship. In 2014, one of the project Healthy Shredded Fish already present in Seattle on Social Entrepreneurship Exchange. Moreover, his commitment to bring impact in the community awarded as Finalist in World Youth Summit Award and be a Semifinalist in Tech-I Global Innovation Social and Technology (GIST) 2014.

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8 Responses to Hendriyadi; Volunteering, Traveling and Social Business

  1. mana rencana buat pendidikan anak psisirnya bang??

  2. saya copy link wordpressnya kak.. semoga masih ingat saya… andini SMA NEGERI 1 KAJANG.. sama2 berlomba di LKTI 2006 DIKTI di SKB Bulukumba.. sukses selalu

  3. 😀 mampir ke blog ku jg kak..
    thanks before…

  4. ejiebelula says:

    salam kenal lagi deh 🙂
    sail morotai juga kah? hehehhe

  5. wahdashaqila says:

    keep volunteering,,, keep in touch

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